Have Artlook – Will Travel

Taking off for a long trip to work, painting in my case, is exciting.

Weeks stretch ahead, images of sun bleached olive groves, tiny stone houses and little terraces perched on the edge of breath taking views meander through my mind, so many potential paintings.

I travel to paint.  I spend a long time sorting out my gear, making sure that I have enough of the materials that I like to use, enough boards to paint on, a few bigger canvasses, just in case the inspiration hits.

In the past I would have anticipated that my return home would have involved several days of photographing, measuring, thinking up titles, trying to remember where this or that was painted and making various spread sheets to catalogue the work that I had completed whilst away from my “office” (once was the slightly less muddled end of my studio and now is the corner of my kitchen, I am efficient!)

Often, I would find that I missed paintings out, got distracted and forgot to catalogue some, got bored with doing it and wandered off to paint instead.

Other times, when meeting people far from home, trying to explain what you do was limited to having a sketchbook to hand or a bunch of business cards.

Now, my world is different…

With my Artlook inventory nestling happily on the cloud I can keep all my records up to date.  So, if I am in the south of France, while supper is cooking on the camp stove, I can photograph the day’s work on my phone, crop the picture and upload to my Artlook account.

I can fill in all the necessary details, what medium, what size, I can even make notes about the when, the where and the why of the painting, (all useful for updating my gallery or talking to clients later) I can add the work to the different groupings that I have in Artlook to categorise my work.

I can upload to my website instantly should I wish.  I can share to Facebook or twitter away and if I should sell the work that night or in the next few weeks I can process the whole transaction using Artlook.

So now all my records are up to date, no scribbled notes get lost, nothing gets forgotten.

Having Artlook with me always comes in use when I get an email from someone wanting to see more of my work, I have it all to hand, I can send great images easily, (this does happen, artists are very rarely “not working.”)

I could even show a slide show of work from my phone or tablet should I happen to meet an international art dealer whilst sipping an ice-cold gin and tonic on the tiny terrace of a pretty little bar that I know in Gourdes.


Now that what I call efficient.


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.