Reasons to be cheerful…Why People Need Art in Their Lives

Just what is it about original art that makes people want to own it?
Why have we, since living in caves, felt the need to surround ourselves with images.
It could appear to be the ultimate pointless luxury, but there seems to be quite a lot of very good reasons why having original artworks in your home is actually very good for your health and wellbeing.
So, the next time you are wondering whether to spend a portion of your very hard-earned cash on an original work of art think about of these points… and just do it:


Art on the walls can create a good space to live in. In the kitchen in the home office, it encourages creativity. In the dining room it can encourage conversation, in the bedroom create mood and relaxartion.

At work, it will create an environment that fosters productivity.
Art adds character to our homes.
It is an expression of self and personality in a comparable way that your garden, books on your book shelves, music taste, clothing style can let others know what sort of person you are. The art that you have on your walls will tell a story of you.

Art can be the finishing touch to a room or the starting point. Sometimes a painting is the cherry on the cake but also it can be the object around which you build an entire look.
It can be a conversation starter, the icebreaker, something to talk about, people love to have something to talk about that is a bit more interesting that the weather or the A39 …So, find out as much as you can about the painting or object. A good gallery, or the artist themselves, will be able to tell you about how it was made, you might be able to find out what the artist had in mind while making it and they will be very interested to know how it makes you feel.

For your children, filling their environment with art encourages creative thinking. Inspires and encourages creativity.
Art creates opportunities to engage with others in non-threatening way
Art can serve as a shared space between two people. Art can help those with mood concerns by engaging them with others in an indirect manner and may feel less intrusive than other forms of therapeutic engagement. So being with Art as a normal and natural part of daily life is a vital part of a child’s development.
Art enhances communication: we can express visually in pictures what may be challenging or frustrating to express with words
Some experiences are difficult to communicate with verbal language. By expressing feelings, events, challenges, and triumphs through art, individuals can more easily express what is occurring within and around them. Art can be a non-verbal vehicle for communication and connection to others, as well as a catalyst for verbal communication and expression.

It keeps the brain active!
Art on your walls encourages you to sit, look and think. It is conceptual and relaxing, it will recharge your batteries and create a positive mood.


Art revives and creates memories.
People engage with and buy art because of their own experiences, sometimes it is to remember someone special, mark an event or a life stage. Sometimes it reminds them of a place they know. I have seen paintings reduce someone to tears, in a good way! People buy Art because of pure enjoyment, it gives immense pleasure. It enhances mood. It creates the same surge of dopamine as desire, romantic love, etc.

If you buy Art you are often helping to support a living artist.
You are also making an investment, financial, but more importantly, emotional, one that can be passed on through the generations.

Who ever wanted to inherit the family washing machine?

And this makes interesting reading!


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.