I Post Therefore I Am … further travels with Artlook

I Post Therefore I am…

To post or not to post, that is the question, whether social media is a benefit or a curse, are you showing off or just perusing the dream….

Actually I think the internet is a very positive instrument in the tool box of a working artist, it introduces your work to a far flung audience, provides contact with other artists and lets people see exactly who you are artistically.

Certainly, getting away from it all and lounging about in temperatures above 30 doesn’t immediately make work seem appealing. But if, however, you happen to be an artist who paints sun-soaked terraces in the South of France then perhaps the afore mentioned heat and sun are exactly the recipe for a work fuelled trip.

In years past I have done exactly that, travelled around, stopping in tiny villages, seeking a little shade to paint en plein air, sitting in cafes and making a cold beer last an hour or so while I scribble away.  Then at the end of each day I would carefully photograph my work and make notes about the place, time and any other relevant information so that when I returned home I was able to make use of, and sense out of, my paintings.  Adding things to web sites as I travelled was a long off dream and remembering what and where was sometimes difficult.  Then along came Blogger, and a few years later Facebook and we were all recording our exploits there.

I, along with many other artists, have the luxury of a blog, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to showcase our efforts.  Until this trip I was still waiting until I was home to update my web site, often missing out whole chunks of work because I had run out of camera space, or simply forgotten things.  This trip I have my Artlook account.

Now I can keep proper records of every painting that I make as well as updating my web site day by day.

Now I can keep proper records of every painting that I make as well as updating my web site day by day. I can even show examples of my portfolio to potential clients that I meet along the way with a very professional and easily customised slide show of any combination of works that I chose.

This has been my first trip with Artlook at my fingertips – literally.  With 4G on my phone, my whole inventory on the cloud, I have sat beside rivers and put new work onto my web site, spent hours in cafes enjoying fine coffee whilst working, even managed to sell work whilst far from home.  I wasn’t entirely convinced how easy it would be to do everything using my phone but the Artlook system has proved excellent.  I have my web site in my hand, my portfolio in my pocket, my gallery in my backpack and am a very happy travelling artist.




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Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.