20 Reasons Why You Need a Website

If you are an artist or craftsperson you are likely to be primarily concerned with making, the hands on aspect of your profession but have you considered how your creative business can benefit from having a website? Here are 20 reasons why I think having a website is important for artists:

  1. Online Portfolio: A website allows you to showcase your artwork to a global audience, providing a comprehensive and easily accessible online portfolio.
  2. Professionalism: A website demonstrates professionalism and seriousness about your craft, making a strong impression on potential clients, galleries, and collaborators.
  3. Increased Visibility: With a website, you can reach a broader audience, expanding your visibility beyond local or physical galleries.
  4. Art Sales: Having a website enables you to sell your artwork directly to collectors.  You can include multiple images for each artwork showing detail, framing, view in a room. If you are with a gallery you can easily add links with each artwork to help your gallery promote your work.
  5. Art Commissions: Potential clients looking for commissioned artwork can easily find a your website and review your portfolio to determine if your style aligns with their vision.
  6. Artistic Identity: A website serves as a platform to express the your unique style, vision, and artistic identity, helping to establish a strong brand.
  7. Networking: You can use your Artlook website to connect with other artists, galleries, and art enthusiasts, fostering collaborations and networking opportunities.
  8. Exhibition Announcements: You can use your Artlook website to inform visitors about upcoming exhibitions, events, or shows, ensuring that interested individuals stay updated.
  9. Blogging and Insights: You can share your creative process, inspirations, thoughts, and insights through a blog on your website, engaging with your audience on a deeper level.
  10. Social Media Integration: You can integrate your social media profiles with your website, providing a centralized hub for your online presence and directing traffic to your social media channels.
  11. Artist Biography and Statement: An Artlook website allows you to provide detailed information about your background, artistic journey, and artistic philosophy, enhancing your credibility.
  12. Art Pricing and Details: You can include information about the pricing, dimensions, and materials used for each artwork, making it easier for potential buyers to make informed decisions. Your Artlook website can include a PayPal  buy now button or an “enquire about this item” link button.
  13. Collectors and Clients Testimonials: You can showcase testimonials from satisfied clients and collectors, boosting your credibility and building trust with potential buyers.
  14. Press and Media Coverage: You can highlight any press mentions, interviews, or media coverage you have received, further establishing your reputation and expertise.
  15. Print Sales: With the Studio version of Artlook you can set up editions on your website to sell prints, edition sculptures, cards or or anything that has multiples.
  16. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): By optimizing your Artlook website’s content and metadata, you can improve your visibility on search engines, making it easier for people to discover your work.
  17. Online Art Classes or Workshops: You can offer online classes, workshops, or tutorials through your Artlook website, expanding your income sources and sharing your knowledge with others.
  18. Collecting Leads: You can collect email addresses or other contact information through your Artlook website, building a mailing list for newsletters, updates, and announcements.
  19. Flexibility and Control: With an Artlook website, you have complete control over your online presence, allowing you to customize the design, layout, and content to reflect your unique artistic vision.
  20. Once you subscribe to Artlook you can easily have Artlook host your own domain name for your Artlook website.

Remember that while having a website offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to keep it regularly updated with fresh content, maintain good design, and optimize it for user experience to maximize its effectiveness with Artlook all of that is at your fingertips. You can try Artlook for yourself free for 30 days, with a lovely team ready to help you get set up and there to solve any problems that you may have.


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.