Building a Website Using Artlook. Part One

You are an artist.  You need a website. You might already have one but are you in control? Is it always up to date? Is it as professional as you would like?

I use Artlook to power my website.  It is very easy to manage and allows you to get into the habit of updating and keeping your website current and relevant. The biggest plus for me is that it virtually builds itself using the work that I have put into my inventory.




This is how it works…

I finish a painting, photograph it, and pop the photograph onto my computer. I can edit it on my phone and use it directly from there if I want to. I make a scale image as well and for my own sanity I title the image and scale image with the title of the painting.

Then I add this as a new item to my Artlook inventory. I fill in the details, title, price, medium, category. I add tags (one word descriptions of the work), dimensions …. and then check or uncheck “the publish to web” buttons at the bottom…and click save.

If I want to add details like a link to where the painting is being exhibited or a more detailed description of the work I pop it into the details section… and click save.

Then I add images. Normally you would just add the image of the painting but I also like to include a scale image as well – you just click the Add Images button and upload from wherever they are stored …and click save.

The Artlook websites are based around the idea of Groupings. A Grouping can have various types – Web_home, Web_gallery, Web_page etc. To get my new picture to appear on the website I need to attach it one of the groupings. If I wanted it to appear in the Gallery I would choose that Grouping or I could choose the Grouping labelled Web_home to have it on the home page.

I add this new record to an Artlook Grouping by clicking in the big box and choosing from the dropdown menu of groupings that I have already created, click Amend Groupings…and then click save.
Immediately the new picture is on my website!


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.