Does An Artist Need a Website?

If you are serious about your work you really need a website but why?

It is a great way for you to look at and understand your own work, it is very helpful to be able to see your work well presented, out of your studio, away from your kitchen table, in a different context. It’s a bit like seeing it in a gallery context


If you hope to sell your work you need to get it out there, think of a website as a portfolio of your best work, sitting there ready to show to anyone who might look you up or happen to find you when searching for artwork online.

So why not just use social media, like Facebook or Instagram? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all important for your online art presence but your own web site is a place just for your work, nobody else’s and your website can look how you want it to look, you are not constrained by rigid formats.

These days there are so many artists on social media, if someone is interested in your work then having your own web site where your work can stand alone really helps. Your web site is the centre of your online art universe, it is totally controlled by you.

It is relatively cheap to get your own domain name, that will come with an email address, which in itself looks far more professional than a hotmail or gmail address.

You should add prices to all of your artwork on your website, but keep your prices consistent with any galleries that sell your work and if a piece is showing at a gallery add a link to the gallery.

It is really easy with Artlook for Artists to keep your new website up to date and relevant. With a little practice it becomes a work of moments to show your latest work, update your news and exhibition details.

Website creation using Artlook is controlled using the Groups section…but that’s another blog post!




About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.