Taking and Using Pictures of your Artwork

I am often asked about taking pictures of work for use in my Artlook inventory and website. So here is my quick guide.

First of all I use my mobile phone.

All the images have to be Jpgs in order to work in Artlook

I have a portable light box in my studio for small works.  This is a relatively inexpensive bit of kit that is hugely useful.

You can buy them online if you just search Portable photo studio.  Mine gives an even daylight style light with no shadows.

It is very useful for small paintings, ceramics or sculptures, no background, no mess.

I take a photo that is in focus and most importantly that shows the painting as upright as possible, so no narrowing of vertical edges. 

If it’s a big work, then I have a wall in my studio where I can hang the painting that is not in direct sunlight…I don’t want any cast shadows.

If the painting is framed and I want to show the frame, then I will take additional photos to show that as well.  I also take details, close ups of different areas to show brush marks, texture etc.

Then I import the picture to my PC or tablet, I use Google photos, but you could use another photo importing system.  I edit the picture, i.e., crop out just the painting so there are no edges showing,

Once I have a good picture, I often use an app on my tablet called ArtRooms, where you can upload your new paintings image, add the dimensions, and then choose a room to show it in, you can also add a frame if you wish.  This room image can then be saved to your photo gallery. (I tell everyone about this App, it is so useful, there are of course other apps out there, but this is what I use)

Now you have images of the painting, the frame, detail shots of brushwork and colour, and the painting in a room setting to give an idea of scale.


In your Artlook Inventory you can add multiple images to each item.  In my opinion it is vital to give people as much visual information as you can.  You also have a “private view lightbox” link that you can email directly to an individual to showcase what you do.  If you have an Artlook website, you effectively have your own gallery online.

Its up to you to present your work in its best light, and Artlook is there to help you do that.


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.