Artlook Spotlight: Sheila Fowler

Artists who use Artlook are a diverse bunch, from painters to potters, collagists to ceramicists, sculptors to screen printers – we cater for them all, and we love doing it!  One of the best parts of my job at Artlook is to really get to know what these artists do and to try to help promote their fabulous work and to celebrate the wonderful websites that they make with Artlook.

Today’s spotlight is on a veteran user of Artlook, Sheila Fowler.

Sheila is an artist based in Scotland.  She produces beautifully textured work that is consistently in demand and shown in a number of galleries.  Her paintings are very colourful and have the clarity of the air on a Scottish island and the crisp certainty of a glass of single malt!

Using a palette knife and oil paint Sheila seems to be able to conjure the waves of a clear blue sea lapping onto the white sands of the Isle of Harris or the slowly dimming light at the end of a day spent on those beautiful islands.

Short multicoloured marks from the knife suggest rocks while the sea is practically woven from many shades of luminous blue.  Sometimes her paintings contain the white cottages that sit and look out to sea and all her work exudes the dreamlike quality of a lovingly remembered holiday in Scotland.

She also paints vibrant and characteristic still life paintings of flowers, full of texture and colour.

A section of her website showcases New Work and there you can see the development of this artist’s style, particularly in the painting “North Uist Croft” where the solid little cottage has carefully placed knife work, almost as if it has been painted to withstand harsh winter weather and poles stand next to it, echoing the uprights of the chimney. It’s a very lovely painting.

Her Artlook website is easy to navigate and has plenty of links to the numerous galleries that sell her work.  It also contains pages for the sale of prints and cards directly from the artist.  These pages have a simple buy now button which makes the purchase very straightforward.


I asked Shelia what she thought of Artlook and how it helps her manage her studio:

“I love my Artlook website and would recommend it  to any artist or art gallery. The website was easy to set up with lots of help available from the ArtLook team.

Most of my paintings are sold through art galleries and the website allows me to add links to my page on gallery websites.

My art prints are available to purchase from my website and ArtLook has the facility of a “Buy Now” button, which is easy for customers to use.  The “Enquire” button is also great and makes it easy for customers to ask a question.

Uploading new images to the website is easy.  I like to update my website regularly and it is super easy to make changes.”

Be sure to visit Sheila’s website at




About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.