Making Social Media work for You.

If you don’t have a website you are invisible, not just hard to find, invisible.  So once you have spent time building your website then why not use the free social media platforms to engage with your audience even further.

“Instagram, a Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, I can’t be bothered with all of that”   well, it isn’t a fad, it isn’t going away and, as far as your art business is concerned, its becoming more important.

Think of social media as advertising for your art business.  Its where you can show your work, where you can show your practice, a view into your studio, a look at the materials that you use, a glimpse into the hidden world of how you create what you create.  All of this doesn’t uncover secrets and let everyone become you, it enhances the engagement that you have with people who love what you do and it helps you find more people who love what you do.  Even if you paint mad looking cats, there will be folk out there who love and collect paintings of mad looking cats.

All the major social media platforms are free to use and can reach a global audience. This fact alone is the reason why social media is a required tool for artists. … If you do not have the attention of your target audience, then you are not going to build a successful career. It is that simple.

With your Artlook website you have the capacity to add links to your social media platforms and this will help people “follow” you.  Your social media becomes similar to a short newsletter every day, reminding people of what you are doing, and, as you build that following, like the Pied Piper, more people join in the crowd dancing along behind you.

Don’t use your Art business social media platforms to show people what you had for lunch or to say happy birthday to your niece, keep personal ones for that.  For example I enjoy wild swimming and have a separate Instagram account just for that @kernow_wild_swimming , keeping my “Art” one @szwimperisart just for my work.

As you know, Instagram is a primarily visual platform which means it is perfect for artists. It allows your art and imagery to show through in their purest forms. And, words aren’t even necessary, so there is nothing to take away from your work.

A Facebook page is different from a Facebook account, one is personal where you interact with friends and family and the Page is where you can display your business, in this case Art business.  If you don’t have one yet it is simple to set up, just follow the links that Facebook provide, ( nothing is public until you click publish!)

Connect Your Instagram with Your Facebook Page. You get some interesting insight features when you connect your Instagram to your Facebook page.  A few pointers:

Be nice, caring and sharing is the best way

Start Your Own Hashtag

Post Frequently Throughout The Week

Write Interesting & Captivating Captions

Tag Your Favourite Art Relevant Pages

Be Authentic & Don’t Hesitate.

Follow other artists and galleries that you like.

Follow and like us as well

Once you have your facebook Page and or Instagram set up let us know and we will do our best to promote you as well, share the love, that’s what its all about!


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.