Keeping your Art Business Running Smoothly

All of us have busy lives, whether a professional artist or a keen amateur, you paint, you make, you exhibit and then sell.  Happy days!  However, in the gap between exhibiting and selling it is quite possible that your precious work, your means of income, is scattered far and wide, spread out between several galleries and venues.  It is very easy to forget who has what.  Not only can this situation cause you some stress and anxiety, and it will, believe me!  It also appears massively unprofessional.  Afterall, if you don’t care enough to know where your work is, then it seems to others that you simply don’t take yourself, or your work, seriously.

With an ARTLOOK system in place you can consign out your paintings. Each painting entry in your inventory has a transactions page.  This is where it is marked as Available, that can be changed to Sold, Reserved or Consigned.  Every artwork that leaves your studio to be held by someone else can thus have its status noted.  If you label them as Consigned, you will then be able to add the rate of commission that the venue is going to charge you upon the event of a sale.  So, for example if your gallery charges a commission of 40% you can enter that and Artlook does the maths!

All of this is a dream come true for you as the artist but also for your galleries, making a professional, mutually beneficial relationship, run in a smooth and successful way.


About Sarah

Sarah Wimperis is a professional artist and illustrator and also works for Artlook in Client Support and as our Artist Ambassador. Sarah's Artlook website is here.